Philosophy of Education

As knowledge comes from experiences, learners at Monarch Christian School are given ample opportunities to experience the world around them. Learning is not a means to an end, but rather a process in which curriculum relates to real life examples, builds on previous learning, and becomes internalized.

Students experience learning through a hands on, comprehensive approach as they view curriculum and learning through a Christ-centered, Biblical worldview.  The creativity demonstrated in teaching and in the learning process makes education memorable and meaningful. Because teaching is child-centered and learning is guided by the teacher, learning transforms the minds and lives of students.

These creative processes, as nurtured and developed within the classroom, pour out of the classroom and into real-life problem solving and creative approaches. Through cooperative groups and shared learning experiences, students are active leaders within the classroom.

MCS students are taught and encouraged to write cohesively and coherently, read critically and fluently, reason comprehensively, and question thoughtfully.

Our teachers thoughtfully implement numerous means of teaching and learning, seeking to grow multiple intelligences including cognitive, linguistic, logical, social, physical, spatial, and spiritual understanding. To meet each student’s different needs, Monarch Christian School develops the child academically, spiritually, socially, and physically.