Curriculum Enrichment

As a part of Monarch's committment to educate the whole child, academically, physically, spiritually, and socially, students receive enrichment experiences as a part of their regular curriculum.


Field Trips:
In Kindergarten through 5th grade, each class averages one field trip a month to experience learning in additional hands-on ways.  Aligned with the grade's curriculum, field trips are integrated with reading, social studies, math, and arts. Monarch's 5th grades also visit Washington DC for a week in May to experience our nation's history in action.

In Early Education through 2nd grade, students participate in Spanish twice a week focusing on vocabulary, verb conjugation, and sentence fluency.  In 3rd to 5th grade, students particpate in Spanish three times a week, building on previous skills and moving toward conversational and written fluency.


As a regular part of the curriculum, students participate in art, dance, drama, and music.  As a school, Monarch produces one musical and one choral concert that all students, preschool through 5th grade, participate in.


Monarch's PE program is skills-based, helping student to develop their gross motor skills, social skills, and sportsmanship.  In Kindergarten through 5th grade, all students have PE twice a week.


Early Education through 5th grade, all students participate in weekly chapels that incorporate our student worship team and special speakers that include pastors, missionaries, parents, teachers, and other community members.

Enrichment Sign Ups

Enrichment Sign Ups